A meeting chaired by

Councilor Michael Hewitson


Development Strategy and Policy Committee – City of Unley

Hear residents’ supporting presentations to the committee on the proposed Council Wide Policy and Zoning Policy Amendments which have the potential to affect all residents 

Comments from the floor will only be called from those residents registered to speak [ when lodging of submissions  closed 22 May 100 persons registered to be heard ]

Other members of the public welcome

When: Monday 16 June 2014

Where: Unley Civic Centre, 181 Unley Road, Unley


Session 1 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Session 27:00pm – 10:30pm [FOCUS presentation this session]

Note: This meeting is not a FOCUS function but all FOCUS members and supporters are encouraged to attend.

Continuing difficulties in confirmation with the Department of Planning have caused us to cancel this meeting.

We urge you to attend the public meeting on Monday 16th of June at 7pm at the Unley Civic Centre Oxford Street Unley during which
submissions will be heard in relation to the DPA for the development for the whole of the City of Unley.

We draw attention to the article in the Advertiser dated 27/5/14 page 9 in relation to the proposed development in the heart of Unley.

To:   All FOCUS Members and Supporters

Please see the attached invitation and notices re happenings in Unley in May and June.

FOCUS has been lobbying Council for 4 years to have historical markers and an accompanying brochure in Unley, we have made a donation towards the printing of the brochure. Deane Kemp has been our representative on this committee.

Please come and bring your family to the launch.


Please note the following dates

Thursday 22nd May 2014 by 5pm.  Closing date for Submissions on the Draft Unley Development Plan  Amendment Stage 2.

Public Meeting at 7pm on Monday 16th June 2014 at the Unley Civic Centre re this. All submissions can be viewed between 27th May and the June meeting. Persons are able to elaborate on their Submissions at this meeting.

Tuesday June 17th 2014 FOCUS Meeting with John Hanlon as Guest Speaker, more details to follow.

Looking forward  to seeing you

Ros Islip

Unley Council will be discussing plans for the upgrade of the Unley Oval at the next meeting

Monday 24 February 2014 at 7.00 pm in the Civic Centre, Unley Council Chambers, 181 Unley Road Unley.

The agenda item is here


Also attached

Interested members may wish to attend

 Tuesday 18th February 2014 at the Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St. at 7.30pm

Welcome from the President Ros Islip.

 Introduction of the Candidates (in alphabetical order) who will be invited to introduce themselves and address the questions on notice from the FOCUS Committee.

Joanne Blesing Dignity for Disability, Lara Golding Labor , Nicole Mortier Greens, Hon David Pisoni Liberal.

  1. Given local councils give voice to local community issues what is your position about preserving local government powers.
  2. What is your position on the regulation passed on the last day of sitting in the state parliament last year which stripped local government of the power to assess development applications for buildings over 4 stories.
  3. What is your position about making the ICAC more transparent as suggested by the Commissioner.
  4. What is your position about passing state legislation to ban political donations from property developers following the NSW model.
  5. What is your position in relation to the preservation of character & heritage in the City of Unley & the Adelaide Parklands; in particular can you comment on the future for main roads in the area such as Unley, Goodward, Glen Osmond & Greenhill Roads.

The 4 candidates will be given 10 minutes each to introduce themselves & answer the above.

Question time of 15-20 minutes from the audience will follow.

Find out how the election will affect the built character of the City of Unley.

A free information evening for voters in the seat of Unley by FOCUS (Friends of the City of Unley Society Inc)

The 4 candidates are

  • Joanne Blesing, Dignity for Disability
  • Nicki Mortier, Greens
  • Lara Golding, Labor
  • David Pisoni, Liberal

Tuesday 18th February at 7.30pm in the Unley Community Centre,18 Arthur St Unley.

Details 8271 5686

The Unley Development register for December 2013 is out now! Please click on one of the tabs in the link below to see the map of development applications or a summary by ward




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